Registration Form

Create powerful and customized user registration forms with multiple styling options.


FIELD TYPES Pre-Defined Input Field Types

With the Registration Form Module you can create a form with different custom form fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Website, Consent, etc. This feature allows you to gather more info about your prospective client.

Also, each field can be easily customized, you can choose a custom label, define a place holder, and can add a default value for each field type.

ACTIONS Login or Redirect After Registration

Wish to redirect users to another page or want them to log in automatically? You can do it just by enabling the Redirect and Auto-login feature.


NOTIFICATIONS Configure User & Admin Notifications

Personalized email content and set preferences on notifications for both user and admin.

Display a success message or an account verification email upon registration.

USER ROLES Setup Default User Role

The registration form module allows you to build a custom user registration form on any page of your website.

One of its useful features is User Role-based Access, which gives control over user roles. You can assign custom user roles to the registered users.


PASSWORD Password Strength Meter

Check how strong the entered password is.

Password Strenght Meter feature gives immediate feedback to the user about the entered password —is it strong enough or not?

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