HostFiti was 2 years 6 months old this March 1st, 2021….. 

Since its inception, we have been offering free website customizations to whomever needed it. This has helped many customers get their websites in a matter of days.

The free service is still available till today. However, HostFiti has grown immensely since its inception, and it is no longer the same product it was back then. Not by a long shot.

No more free website customization services

HostFiti now powers a considerable amount of businesses and help them increase their base profits. While this is incredibly awesome and professionally affirming, it does mean that there’s a lot more pressure over our work now.

If we get 10 signups a day, and say 3 of those customers require the free website customization service, in a matter of weeks, our developers and designers will have a lot of work load. Time that would have been used to improve HostFiti is now being used to work on client websites.

While we want to help our customers have their websites live as soon as possible, we still need to devote more time in improving our product. Inline with this, we will no longer offer free website customization services effective 15th April, 2021.

How does this affect me?

Prior to this announcement, if we were working on your new website, we will still do it under the initial terms i.e. free.

If we worked on your website sometime back for free, you were satisfied with it at the time, and now you need modifications made, you will now be charged.

But I just need minor changes

However small the change is, when you sum up the minor changes for multiple customers, they will consume a lot of time best used to improve our product.

For that reason, minor changes, will accrue a fee of KES 500.

What are the charges?

Please have a look at our website customization charges here.

What are the terms and conditions?

View the terms and conditions here.

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